A guide to empowering you and your family to design the home and life of your dreams

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Fallon Jordan

Fallon Jordan, known as The Home Alchemist, is a transformation coach, healer, and guide who believes that our homes and relationships should reflect our soul's essence. As the CEO and Founder of Decluttered Mind and Home, Fallon is dedicated to helping individuals and families co-create intimate, meaningful relationships and beautiful, harmonious living spaces through holistic strategies. She is also passionate about helping entrepreneurs birth soulful businesses through business consulting and marketing initiatives.

Fallon is a home and life designer who uses transformative personal development tools to help her clients connect with their soul's potential and highest timeline. She blends a variety of unique assessments with her organization and energy-based interior design services to strengthen her clients' ability to communicate and connect deeply with themselves and others. Using the BE ALCHEMIC method, Fallon uses a bio-psycho-social-spiritual-environmental-psychic health approach. 

With her decluttering process alongside her intimacy coaching, Fallon co-creates new systems for effective organization, communication, and connection while working with couples and families.

Fallon is certified as a Usui Fire Level II Reiki practitioner, Irlen Syndrome screener, ADHD and dyslexia specialist, Executive Coach, Brain Health Coach & Corporate Trainer, and Functional Medicine Coach. Prior to building her company, she was the lead facilitator for clients and professionals through the Amen Clinics network, the leading mental health company famous for its brain imaging work.