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Connecting With Your ADHD partner

Mar 13, 2024

One of the gifts of having an ADHD partner is having their passionate spirit, spontaneity, and zest for life rub off on us. Life is exciting with an ADHDer!

When it comes to connecting with our ADHD partner, it's important to remember WHY we fell in love with them. If I had to bet, it wasn't just their charm that won you over. It was also their need for physical touch, stimulating conversations, that immediate "I found my soulmate" feeling, and of course the mindblowing sex. 

For ADHDers, it's challenging to stick with routines and sameness. This applies to how they connect with their partner. This is why it's important to ask lots of questions on a regular basis so you are up to date on all their needs. Change means growth and growth means transformation. Don't be intimidated by your ADHDer's commitment to personal development!

Here are some questions to ask your ADHD partner:

  • what did you love about our last conversation? why? 
  • what spot on your body are you most excited about me touching? why?
  • what have you been learning about lately? 
  • what is your favorite spiritual practice right now? why?
  • what emotions have you been feeling the past few days? 

To learn more, check out my ADHD in Relationships course.

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