Receive Immediate Healing & Clarity With Fallon

Find instant relief from aches/pains and gain clarity within 24 hours of purchasing an Immediate Healing Session


Immediate Healing session


Receive immediate intuitive guidance and healing for aches, pains, or stuck points with love, health, business, or money

  • Within 24 hours, receive intuitive guidance and energy healing for your current issue
  • Gain clarity on 3 specific questions you need clarity with 
  • Energy healing for aches, pains, fatigue, headaches, pins/needles, digestive issues, and more
  • Vibrational frequency upgrades to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health 
  • Receive codes for miracles and abundance
  • Resolutions for brain health issues through energy healing & practical tips
  • Audio message reading, photos of your Oracle card pull, and email write-up
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Intuitive Coaching session


a VIP coaching experience with Fallon to address your desires around health, work, wealth, soul purpose, relationships, and more!

  • 2 hours LIVE with Fallon to receive a complete outline for your soul-aligned life including work, health, relationships, love, and finances

  • Rapid transformational coaching using the fail-proof F.A.L.L.O.N. method
  • Experience relief from physical pain or health ailments 

  • Takeaway toolbox with strategies to reprogram your subconscious mind forever so you can manifest quicker 

  • Upgrades to your daily routine & self-care practices by learning practical solutions to instantly boost your energy, mood, and memory

  • Coaching with the world's leading Quantum Brain Health Coach

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"Fallon led me through the most beautiful healing container during a time when I felt completely unsettled.  I immediately felt her healing energy on our first call which brought me to a place of peace.  She makes you feel completely supported and loved in the biggest way!  She is an amazing and gifted healer!"


"Fallon is fantastic! She goes above and beyond. My company and family are so grateful for her expertise. Fallon helped me heal my brain then start my own business. Now I get to help thousands of people with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Her guidance and leadership will continue to carry me forward to a bright future."


"I had never done Reiki before meeting Fallon. After years of feeling unmotivated, achy, stuck, and lonely, Fallon helped me transform into an energetic, confident, and hopeful person. Her healing abilities have supported me in every area of my life including my roofing business taking off! I am so grateful I was open to this type of healing. It is truly life-changing!"


"I've had new spiritual gifts turn on since my healing session with Fallon. I'm offering new modalities to my clients that I didn't even know previously existed!"


"The healing Fallon provides is QUICK! I now write with ease and everything comes in so clearly when I'm listening to podcasts and webinars. It's truly amazing!"


"My coaching session with Fallon brought me so much joy! She highlighted so many patterns that I can build on through her intuitive insights and my Human Design blueprint. I am excited for our next session!"

–Dr. Davis

"Fallon cleared energy in ways I've never experienced. She provided immediate relief from pain in my forehead and sinuses. It's exciting! I love being able to reach out to her for some extra healing and positive energy when I'm feeling stressed. Thank you, Fallon!"


It’s Time To Live The Way You Want.  Drama free. Guilt free.

With Fallon's courses, blogs, podcast, and programs, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your mind, body, and soul

Meet Fallon

"Authentic, passionate, energetic, loving, spirited, and ambitious", Fallon is a recovering people pleaser, codependent, and corporate ladder climber.

Fallon has helped nearly 14,000 people feel happier through quantum energy healing, transformational coaching, and employee wellness programs all based on the unique methodologies she teaches. She has implemented these New Earth protocols over the past decade working in holistic psychiatry, hospitality, and energy medicine. She has a Bachelor's in Psychology and several certifications in mental health coaching including two brain rewiring certifications.

Fallon was her own toughest client, knowing the pain of trying so many different things to heal while remaining stuck. Fallon always provides her clients with the safest, easiest tools and modalities to provide rapid transformation.

Her mission? To create a world where dementia, cancer, autism, and autoimmune disorders are extremely rare diagnoses by educating millions of people by 2027.

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Why Work With Fallon?

If you are here and feeling LIT UP by Fallon's vibe, that means your angels and guides are inviting you to step into your highest timeline, free from aches, pain, confusion, and second-guessing your decisions.

Your time is NOW. By getting to the root causes of your issues, Fallon will help you clear them from your body and energetic field while providing healing activations. During a session with Fallon, you will receive clear messages from your angels and guides so you can start living in your ideal reality as soon as tomorrow.

Fallon works directly with the angelic and quantum realms. She opens up a space of BLISS™ (Benevolent Love In Sacred Space) where your angels, guides, and loved ones from the other side can support you.

Fallon supports clients in Immediate Healing Sessions, coaching sessions, and 3+ month coaching containers.

the F.A.L.L.O.N. method of transformation

Boost your brain function. Discover your deepest desires. Give yourself permission to create the life, home, and biz of your dreams.