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Fallon Jordan is a transformation coach, intuitive guide, and Magical Marketing Strategist. She is host of The Biz Alchemist podcast and founder of The Biz Alchemist business consulting firm. She has worked with thousands of CEOs, founders, and professionals looking to optimize their potential by living their soul purpose. She helps passionate leaders birth the business of their dreams while confidently navigating sales and marketing of their services and products.

Fallon has helped thousands of way-showers turn their passion or "hobby" into 7-figure businesses that are contributing to humanity in miraculous ways. Fallon works with clients 1:1 as well as companies. 

Helping good people get unstuck in sales & marketing 

The Biz Alchemist PODCAST

Give yourself permission to change
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Give yourself permission to do what lights you up

Biz Coaching 


On a mission to change the world one soulful
biz at a time

The Biz Alchemist mentorship program will teach you:

  • How to make empowered decisions around branding and marketing
  • How to optimize the relationship between you and your biz
  • How to hire and keep the best staff using practical tools and your intuition
  • How to balance Work and Life so your relationships never suffer
  • How to heal your relationship with Time and Money for good
  • How relaxing more can actually make you more money 
  • How to direct the flow of energy in your biz
  • How to reframe generosity and selfishness
  • How to become the CEO that everyone wants to work for
  • How to confidently trash algorithms and other outdated marketing strategies
  • How to Claim Your Sovereignty 
  • How to be noticed by the best people and invisible to others
  • How to live unapologetically in your full authenticity

the buzz about their biz...

"Brain fog and anxiety were keeping me in a constant state of stress to the point my business was about to go under. Fallon helped me get healthy while making huge gains in my revenue. I tell everyone about Fallon's magic!"

(tax attorney for $5B company)

"FALLON IS FANTASTIC! My business would not be where it is today if it wasn't for her. She goes above and beyond. My company and family are so grateful for her expertise and promptness. Her guidance and leadership will continue to carry me forward to a bright future." 

(holistic wellness center owner)

"My Trust Index has gone up from 55% to 98% in just 12 months thanks to Fallon's strategies! She gave me the courage to navigate challenges with my staff. Our most recent Trust Index Survey results are the highest in company history!" 

(physical therapy practice manager)

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