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7-figure businesses

Get ready to claim your abundance and live your mission while avoiding generational debt, trauma, and dementia

Avoid the 5 mistakes new entrepreneurs make

Meet The Biz Alchemist

Fallon Jordan is a transformation coach, intuitive guide, and Magical Marketing Strategist. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses by implementing simple, soul-based sales and marketing protocols. As the leading brain health trainer in the world for over a decade, Fallon has supported many types of entrepreneurs including holistic healers and blue-collar biz owners as well as CEOs of large companies through corporate wellness programs.

Fallon's consulting firm is dedicated to helping people uncover their own unique path to abundance and freedom by doing what they love for work. She believes that by connecting to our soul purpose and innate gifts through Human Design & Gene Keys, we can unlock our potential and access our own infinite source of joy. 

Are you ready to fully access the power inside you and experience everything you truly desire?

The Biz Alchemist PODCAST

Give yourself permission to change
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You have a purpose to share with the world


Life's challenges can make us feel like we've lost touch with our inner strength and deepest desires


Fallon is here to help you unlock those powers that have been lying dormant inside you and set you on a path to living your purpose unapologetically

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Biz Coaching 


Do what YOU really want to and THRIVE, not just survive



Give yourself permission to do what lights you up


Coaching with The Biz Alchemist will help you:

  • Connect with your soul purpose and make it a profitable biz
  • Embrace your ability to make empowered decisions in your daily life 
  • Operate with a high-performance brain while reversing brain aging (up to 10 years younger!)
  • Optimize your communication skills 
  • Avoid wasted time and feelings of "I should" and other guilt statements
  • Feel confident AF about your unique gifts and decisions
  • Live with better focus, energy, mood, and memory in everyday life

No more putting your dreams on hold

You and your services are desired today more than ever

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Gain clarity on your purpose while making more than enough money to assure:

your kids don't go into student loan debt,

you and your partner don't get dementia- it starts in the brain 20 years before you have symptoms!

you feel well-equipped for whatever life throws at you next

Intuitive Reading


Gain clarity on a sticky situation or treat yourself to some LOVE

  • 45-minute intuitive reading and energy healing session 
  • Align your energy centers (chakras) 
  • Quickly access your spiritual counsel and guides
  • Available for readings at parties, retreats, or corporate gatherings 
Yes, please!

30 Day Clarity Coaching


30 days in a high-vibe infused coaching container to discover your purpose and put your divinely supported plan into action

  • 3-hour Zoom coaching session to review your Human Design & Gene Keys 
  • Outline your soul-aligned goals for work, relationships, health, love, and finances
  • Receive a clear plan with actionable steps that leave you feeling grateful and excited, not overwhelmed
  • Daily access to Fallon via Voxer, a free app with text and audio messages 
  • 3 coaching sessions of 45 minutes 
  • Consistent intuitive guidance and energy healing support
  • Rewiring your brain for vibrant health, abundance, love, and success every day
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6 Month Transformational Mentorship


A deep energy immersion that will remove subconscious limiting beliefs so you can step into the most authentic, aligned, fulfilled version of yourself

  • 3-hour Zoom session to review your Human Design & Gene Keys
  • Co-create your ideal reality in your work, relationships, health and finances
  • Daily access to Fallon via Voxer, a free app with text and audio messages
  • Biweekly coaching sessions of 45 minutes each
  • Consistent intuitive guidance and energy healing support
  • Rewiring your brain for vibrant health, abundance, love, and success every day 
  • Dementia prevention program with the leading brain health trainer in the world (if you're over the age of 25, you need it!)
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the buzz about their biz...

"Brain fog and anxiety were keeping me in a constant state of stress to the point my business was about to go under. Fallon helped me get healthy while making huge gains in my revenue. I tell everyone about Fallon's magic!"

(tax attorney for $5B company)

"FALLON IS FANTASTIC! My business would not be where it is today if it wasn't for her. She goes above and beyond. My company and family are so grateful for her expertise and promptness. Her guidance and leadership will continue to carry me forward to a bright future." 

(holistic wellness center owner)

"Fallon is world-class in taking an overwhelming concept and breaking it down into pieces that help you move the needle personally and professionally. She helped kick me out of my incessant need for a plan and 12-step process; all while allowing me transformative growth that otherwise couldn't have been worked harder for. She is a light in this world!!! My work in organizations is because Fallon showed up for me in a way that allowed me to step into my highest and best, to serve in a way that I never imagined! She reminded me that people need my gifts and not more processes!
–Dr. Sara

(brain health corporate trainer & chiropractor)

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