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Do This Every Day To Build Resilience

Jan 16, 2024

If you are here, you most likely understand the power of daily gratitude and meditation. I also find celebrating a vital aspect of a happy, fulfilled life and this is not possible without resilience and grit. Every morning, I say to myself and my space "I am SO excited about all the possibilities of today! I expect the best. I know something awesome will happen today."

It's not always those exact words but you get the idea. It's actually been fun to play with these first thoughts and words after a long night of sleep and see what sticks and "works." Lately, the above has been my tried and true for a super fantastic start to my day.

Throughout the day, it's not just about mindfulness and gratitude. It's about celebrating! If you've heard me in any capacity (audio or video), you probably picked up on the fact that I love laughing and squealing. I allow my throat chakra to be in its full essence and that is through making noises. 

Ever wonder why sound healing, chanting, singing, and listening to dolphin sounds have such a drastic, positive effect on our minds and bodies? It's because of the high vibrations. 

I giggle, squeak, jump and down clapping, and wiggle in my driver's seat whenever I get a great parking spot. Or I see people walking by smiling and enjoying their day. The more I embrace the beauty around me, the more resilient I become because my vibration is rising through JOY. 

Joy is what strengthens your magnetism to your desires. 

When sad or frustrating things happen, it takes less of a hit on me because I'm committed to JOY which is committing to resilience. 

Will you commit to JOY?

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