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Fallon's Fave Non-Toxic Products

Jan 29, 2024

Did you know toxins account for most illnesses, ailments, and quality-of-life killers for humans, pets, and Mother Earth?

When I'm in a great mood, Febreze or Gain commercials are my kryptonite. I've been known to yank out Glade plugins and command high-frequency energy into spaces that smell like poison. 

Be sure to download the Think Dirty app so you can test the toxicity levels of your home and personal care products for yourself. 

My fave skincare and makeup (most OTC stuff not only damages your skin but causes cancer, weight gain, and infertility)

Clear Stem Skincare

Jane Iredale makeup (primer and concealer)

Thrive Cosmetics (eye shadow/liner and mascara)

Home cleaners (the only one I know of that is safe for pets to breathe in):

Better Life multi-purpose, counter, and floor cleaners

Personal cleaning products (whatever poison you put on your skin-- let alone your genitals-- is absorbed into every cell in your body within seconds)

Patcha or Zum soap

Favorite water and electrolytes 

Favorite candles

Get GROUNDED with these products and improve your health ASAP.

I hope this helps! 

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