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Insight Into Kids' Mental Health Issues From A Brain Health Trainer

Jan 28, 2024

I've been the leading brain health trainer in the world for over a decade, and I LOVE working with kids and teens! My teenage years were challenging and if I knew more about my brain type and Human Design type back then, my life would have been much easier. School as an ADHDer, the pressure of being cool, friendships, abusive parents, and a perfectionist mindset were the perfect mixture for a curfuffle of mental health issues. And that was before cell phones and social media.

I've met with thousands of kids over the years, listening to their struggles and helping them boost self-awareness and self-confidence. It's no surprise we are in a mental health crisis as a collective. The amount of information kids are being inundated with honestly breaks my heart. 

Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for children, adolescents, and teenagers. What's even more depressing is the leading cause of death is homicide.

That means that more kids die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, birth defects, pneumonia, and other lung diseases combined.

Aside from the obvious problem of social media and violent video games (the blue light from screens alone causes cancer let alone the content,) these are other contributing factors that are easily treatable: low Vitamin D, low zinc, low B12, low iron, and hormonal imbalances. Kids need be playing outside as often as possible and get natural sunlight in the morning on their cute faces. Proper nutrition, sleep, and hydration are also key.

Clutter is also very stressful on developing brains. Due to these youngsters having undeveloped brains (age 25 for girls, age 28 for boys), it becomes incredibly overwhelming for them to clean up after themselves so they just avoid it altogether. Piles of clothes build up and so does the angst.

Do you know any adults like that? 

Next time you want to teach your kid a lesson about clutter and mental health, be the example. 

Invite them into your clean room and ask them how they feel when they lie on your bed and look around…

Then ask them to go lie on their bed and tell you how they feel when they look around…

Take your vitamins in front of them. Eat your salads, drink your water, and avoid too much sugar. Teach them how to use the Think Dirty app and why it's important.

You are the best chance for your kids' ability to improve their well-being and thrive through these precious years.

I'm sharing this information with you from a place of love. My life's purpose is to help families heal. I look forward to continuing to support you with the information your pediatrician, the news, and all the pharmaceutical ads may not be telling you.

At the end of the day, YOU have the powerful choice to hire whom you want to help your family's health and happiness goals. YOU buy groceries and household products. When YOU focus your attention on the right information, you give your family the opportunity for the healthiest, happiest, most aligned life possible... while inadvertently gifting that to your grandchildren and so on.

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