Reimagining The Power of Vulnerability

Jan 31, 2024

I know well how hard it can be to be truly vulnerable. Lumps in your throat, stomach flutters, and feeling like your heart is going to pump out of your chest. Thankfully, once you start being vulnerable with the right people and in emotionally safe situations, your entire life can transform for the better quickly.

Vulnerability is not just through words. It's through your energy and non-verbal communication. If you are being vulnerable, you would expect (as you should!) to be thanked and depending on the person, hugged or kissed for your openness.

Sharing is typically exchanging words about your thoughts or feelings. You could be talking about the weather, your abusive childhood, or your dinner plans. Obviously, if the energy around these three topics is the same, there's a misalignment. There is no vulnerability.

Just the same, oversharing can be a problem for many. It was for me for most of my life. I often thought, "I must not be vulnerable! I must sound like I'm The Cool Girl and nothing bothers me! I'm too good for that loser anyway!"

I invite you to explore your relationship with Vulnerability with those closest to you. Often, especially 2 lines in Human Design, need others to mirror back to us what they love and appreciate about us. Others can also help us better understand our blind spots so that we can remove blocks to healing, connection, and intimacy.

There are millions of people on the planet who would rather die than be vulnerable for one moment. Some of these people are lucky to die slowly, giving them time on their deathbed to tell people how they feel-- how they wished they'd spent their time. It all comes back to Vulnerability.

Vulnerability of course is tied to self-worth. But what if self-worth just IS? You are worthy no matter what. Your worth never goes up or down because your worth simply IS. Your worth has nothing to do with your marital status or what your bank account says.

This concept blew my mind and I LOVE it! Imagine if you knew you were worthy just simply for being here on Earth all your life? What would be different? 

This is why my mission is to create systematic change. 

I want to live in a world where every child is born knowing they are worthy because they came to Earth, one of the most special places in the universe. As a human, we experience deep pain and ecstatic joy. There are not many places or avatars who feel emotions at all, let alone the extremes of heartbreak and bliss. Next time you feel scared or angry, remember that a part of you signed up to learn at Earth School. And being vulnerable can be one of the most exhilarating experiences!

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