Have You Been Seeking Clarity In Your Soul Purpose? 

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Are you ready to step up as a New Earth leader?

Dive into your Human Design. Claim your throne.


You Can Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Without dropping tens of thousands of dollars on a high-ticket coaching container

  • Human Design reading for deep self-awareness
  • 2-hour Zoom to gain crystal clear clarity on your goals for your health, wealth, intuition, and soul purpose 
  • Reiki and energy healing from the angelic realms to support your integration process
  • Rapid transformational coaching with the world's leading Quantum Brain Health Coach
  • Takeaway tools and strategies to reprogram your subconscious for miracles.
  • Remove all blocks or resistance so you can manifest quicker
  • Upgrades to your daily routine and self-care
  • Soul purpose coaching including business coaching

A deeply healing transformation is waiting for you

Get on the fast track to your ideal reality in this 2-hour Intuitive Coaching Session


Soon, You Will Be…

  • Living in your full authenticity with rock solid boundaries
  • Experiencing daily miracles
  • Hitting the FAST button on your next quantum leap
  • Feeling perfectly aligned with your soul purpose 

This is the energetic shift and upgrade to all versions of yourself  you've been asking for

What's Included In The Session...

Releasing Of The Old

Clearing of all energies holding you back from your highest timeline. We will get you feeling:

  • Grounded and connected to your angels and Source
  • Lighter and freer from things that have been holding you down and overwhelmed
  • Your masculine-feminine energies and Chakras are balanced

We will be in sacred space together.

Human Design Reading

We will dive into your Human Design reading so you can clearly understand your mission, your innate gifts, and you will receive tactical strategies for achieving your goals. We will cover:

  • Your natural communication style
  • The best self-care practices for your unique blueprint
  • The best ways to fast-track meeting your health, wealth, and relationship goals with ease and flow


Initiate and envision your highest timeline and let's gooo! Your quantum leap awaits. This awakening activation will help you:

  • Align to your mastery
  • Receive DNA activations from the angelic realms
  • Expand your aura for miracles through new light codes

You’ll have full access to your ancient self and future self.


Integration of your new blueprint. Celebration of the upgraded version of you! You now have access to:

  • Updated soul contracts for your highest and best
  • Tools to instantly raise your vibe whenever you get triggered
  • Feeling deeply grounded yet divinely connected to your Higher Self

By living your soul's fullest expression, everything in your life becomes easier.

It's time for you to...

  • Deeply understand your natural gifts and feel confident sharing them
  • Live free from fear, doubt, and confusion
  • Access and hold  New Earth abundance codes
  • Meet your future self

I'm Fallon Jordan

After years of healing her own brain and doing trauma healing, it was time for Fallon to heal her heart. Human Design, Reiki, and shamanism changed everything. What seemed like overnight, Fallon's gifts turned on and she added them to her work as the world's leading Quantum Brain Health Coach. 

Fallon has helped thousands of people feel happier through 1:1 coaching, family coaching, and corporate wellness programs all based on the brain health methodologies she teaches.

Fallon is a Certified Brain Health Professional & Licensed Trainer, Usui Holy Fire Reiki II practitioner, and an ordained minister.

"From the minute Fallon started working on me, my whole body lit up. I felt my crown and spine tingling throughout the entire session. Fallon's energy was both loving and activating. I felt so safe, seen, and loved, and was on a happy high for days afterwards! Thanks to the balancing effects of her healing, I had a weekend of fun and flow, while also being super productive."

- Bry

"Fallon's spirit and vibration made me feel SO much better! I found myself doing deep forgiveness workaround my ex. What a miracle!"

- Teresa

"I had never heard of Human Design before. My reading with Fallon was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I love how we were able to dive right in so I could make some changes in my life right away."

- Joe




Get on the fast track to your ideal reality in this session