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#9: Using Chinese Medicine & Decluttering To Regulate Blood Pressure w/Dr. Sandy Ziya

Dr. Sandy Ziya and I started out our amazing conversation focusing on the new standard of care in health in which "biohacking" will be the norm. We discuss the beauty of working with clients who are willing to receive help and change their lives through hundreds of different of modalities. Infrared, acupuncture, Feng shui, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and decluttering will become more common conversations at your next Girls Day Out and Brunch. Of course I had to go on a tangent about White Coat Syndrome! Most doctors aren't coaches and coaching and really listening to clients are the key to lasting health.

Dr. Ziya goes into the best practices philosophy of treating high blood pressure-- the practitioner asking lots of questions to get to the root issues. One of Dr. Ziya's patient's dangerously high blood pressure and musculoskeletal issues from a car accident regulated after her Chinese medicine protocol AND organizing her home! This particular patient had a home that was very messy and cluttered, making her feel "heavy" and panicked on a regular basis. I love Chinese medicine!! Everything is connected.

I felt super FALIDATED that my new fancy air purifier came this week! Shout out to Austin Air.

Dr. Sandy Ziya is a licensed Functional Medicine Physician, health coach, yogi, certified Brain Health Professional, and lifestyle guide in South Florida. She offers a unique suite of services to anyone who may be experiencing pain during their fitness journey or who simply wants an alternative way of living a better, more healthy life.

While training for an endurance triathlon in 2010, Sandy Ziya started experiencing repetitive stress to her hamstring. After accepting the offer to try acupuncture from her chiropractor, she was able to finish her training and ultimately her race. As a coach she shared the strategy of acupuncture for many ailments and recovery with her athletes; and they, too, improved!

She received her degree from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, enabling her to add acupuncture, cupping, injectables, Chinese herbals, CBD and sports injury management to her repertoire.

Meridians and Marathons, Dr. Sandy Ziya’s practice, is so named after the 12 primary meridians that course through the human body representing all organs and provide “locations” for needle insertion. Marathons is a metaphor for the commitment to wellness, health and longevity for which we all strive. Dr. Ziya’s office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sandy has been a triathlon coach since 2007, coaching kids at Lifetime Fitness. She launched the ever-growing Kids Triathlon Race, and started a Kids Tri Club, Running Club, and Endurance Club. In 2013, Sandy dedicated herself full-time to her own coaching business, SwimBikesRun, where she encouraged athletes from ages 5 to 65 to obtain their personal bests.

After moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2015, her coaching career morphed again, this time including creating and directing the famed Naked Feet 5K on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Sandy Ziya considers herself a "health coach", and offers not only fitness coaching, but nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

You can learn more about Dr. Ziya's services here: