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#10: Creating Healing Magic By Improving Intimacy w/Lana Elco

Lana and I begin our soulful conversation by checking in with our feminine connection and intuition. What am I doing for myself today? What will I do to take care of myself tomorrow? What does my soul crave?

Intimacy is healing magic meant for the self, friends, mentors, peers, as well as romantic partners. Especially for women, it's crucial for us to join together from a place of vulnerability and nurturing in order to heal generations of mistreatment and hiding our voice.

Lana shares how to really know when you've met your soul mate and how to attract them. She shared her expertise on tantra, internal language, massage, and other ways to create space to receive divine guidance and clarity.

Women birth new life in 9 months. Whatever you are wanting to create in your life, we encourage you to reflect on the excuses you're telling yourself. Time and space can be bent. By incorporating more magic into your life, your manifestations can come into fruition sooner than you think!

Shout out to this incredible accredited school that focuses on kindness, responsibility, and real-life lessons on money, friendship, embracing your unique gifts, and all the things I love.

Lana Elco is the world’s leading intimacy artist & the creator of the Intimate Universe brand. Specializing in working with prominent visionary women and couples on their most intimate relationships, Lana guides her clients into the deepest level of intimacy and transforms their intimate relationships into a work of Art. After building and running several successful businesses, Lana created her legacy business offering her clients an ultimate journey of self discovery, transformation and mastery in the area of Intimate Arts. She believes that our intimate relationships are overdue for transformation and offers a creative approach to intimacy and relationships. Her relationship models are based on the Tantric Sacred Union approach enriched by the insights of transpersonal psychology, nonviolent communication, consciousness research, the feminine empowerment movement, and Lana’s genius direct downloads.

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