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#15: The Fastest Way To Strengthen Your Boundaries w/Leah Roling

Leah and I had a multiple "ah ha moment" conversation about all things self-love, forgiveness, and boundaries, starting with the morning routine that will instantly boost love and trust in yourself. (I've implemented Leah's tips every day since we recorded this episode and WOW!) We discussed unmet needs and inner child work, radical forgiveness, and a beautiful way to look at all life's experiences-- as neither good or bad.

I'm beyond grateful for Leah's energy and insight as it has already helped heal multiple layers of "childhood stuff" I had been putting off dealing with. You will be so grateful to hear the countless nuggets of amazingness from her!

Leah Roling is a lucky wife and mama of three amazing boys. She is an author, speaker, entrepreneur coach, quantum life coach, business coach, selfologist, and lover of life. She has certifications in NLP, hypnosis, health coaching, spiritual coaching, conscious coaching, meditation, and CBT.

I LOVE THIS about her: "People think that they want better relationships but they don’t – what they want is a framework around what it means to connect to people in a meaningful, authentic way.  People think that they want more money but what they want is a framework around what is needed to show up with the courage to offer their genius and the confidence to charge what they are worth. People think they have to suffer to accomplish a goal. But that is never the way. People don’t lose weight, create wealth, grow their business, be a better parent, spouse, or friend by suffering in action. It’s not about knowing what to do or how to do it ~ all of that will come when you know where to look for the answers." -Leah Roling



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