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#17: An End Of An Era

It is the end of an era for newly Reiki-certified Fallon Jordan! After ten years of coaching, training & facilitating holistic mental health protocols through Dr. Daniel Amen's Brain Health Professional Certification Course, Fallon embraces the magic of a new beginning living in her Zone of Genius. 

Wanting to leave corporate to pursue your dream?

Or do you complain about "not having enough Time?"

Our concept of time is warped from our conditioning. The time management systems that are pitched to us don't work because they don't get to the root issue: choosing to play the victim of Time. 

Learn tools to stop being scared of Time. Make Time work for YOU.

Remember how an hour with your sweetheart felt like 5 minutes? 

Or how those 15 minutes you were stuck in traffic at the last intersection before your dream job interview felt like hours of slow torture?

In this solo sode, Fallon gives us Cliff Notes from Gay Hendricks' amazing book, The Big Leap. Fallon also shares other nuggets that are helpful while going through transformational periods.

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