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#3 Using Theta Healing to Heal From Abuse w/Andro Auro Alamart

Fallon is joined by energy healer and psychic, Andro Auro Alamar, to share his insights into energy healing for overcoming abuse from a narcissist. As a lifelong psychic, Andro has a very powerful story of how he healed himself and his clients using theta healing.

Andro Auro Alamar has been curious about the supernatural all his life. Growing up in haunted places, afraid of spirits, and also living with a scary family, he turned to a few trusted people in his life who made what he feared the most feel safe! He became a certified healer to heal his own wounds and once he saw his life change exponentially, from depression and heartache, he began healing others only to be surprised by the quick shifts his clients were having. Now he helps men and women who are depressed and anxious about their families’ lives manifest healing in their familial relationships. This includes family members with addictions, phobias, social anxiety, and narcissism. Growing up in a home full of psychics, his destiny was always to become one himself. Auro grew up fighting his abilities, denying the deep connection he was given to the spirits, ascended masters, and galactic beings. Auro tried to run but finally, he accepted his latent abilities and began to strengthen over his lifetime. As the acceptance within Auro grew so did his abilities and he began to wow family and clients with his accuracy, his deep knowledge, and his ability to connect with the desires, emotions, and bodies of the clients he works with. Now using his abilities he provides relief and guidance to his wonderful clients through his work as a psychic.

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