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#51: Epigenetic Healing with Dr. Melanie and Merlin The Magician

Fallon is joined by Dr. Melanie Keller, a gifted Naturopath and clear channel for Merlin the Magician. Dr. Melanie shares incredible scientific and intuitive guidance when it comes to brain and gut health issues. In the world of supplements and nutrition, Dr. Melanie shares never-before-heard insights that could cause immediate shifts in your health.

Dr. Melanie and Merlin had some very specific messages for Fallon. You won't want to miss this episode!

Dr. Melanie is a distinguished Naturopathic Doctor and a clear channel for Merlin the Magician. She brings forth ancient wisdom and modern insights for spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers, and light leaders, who have unique biological requirements. She understands the intricacies of the human experience while on the ascension journey. Her unique gifts include the exploration into the realms of epigenetic and energetic intelligence. This unique blend of scientific expertise and mystical guidance empowers individuals to embody their highest selves, enhance their gifts, and align with their highest timeline.

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