#33 How To Navigate Divorce w/Crissy Freeman Cascio

Welcome to an exciting new chapter on the podcast - today’s episode is the first as The Biz Alchemist!

Fallon is joined by Crissy Freeman. Crissy shares how she found her purpose & her passion after ending her 19-year marriage, and how her divorce was the catalyst for her to create her business. Crissy’s story is a powerful example of turning your pain into your purpose - get ready to be inspired!

Crissy is a certified Life Designer Coach who empowers women to say yes to themselves and get back in the driver’s seat after divorce.

After her 19-year marriage ended, Crissy found herself struggling with her identity. She was no longer a wife, she was a single mom navigating life on her own with no idea how to put one foot in front of the other. Instead of feeling empowered, she felt anxious and alone. As a result, Crissy embarked on a journey of inner healing that led to pursuing her passion of becoming a Divorce Empowerment Coach.

Crissy specializes in helping women to rediscover their truth and their passion so that they can show up with confidence as they embark on a new journey and navigate life as a co-parent and single mom.

Crissy’s coaching program supports and guides clients on their transformational journey from Mrs. to ME after divorce to create the life they truly want and deserve.

To learn more about Crissy and her signature coaching program, you can visit her website at www.crissyfreemancoaching.com where you can sign up for a FREE Discovery call or join her Facebook community; From Mrs. to ME: Rediscovering YOU After Divorce

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