#35 Trusting Your Mission w/Carly Carreiro

Today, Fallon is joined by Carly Carreiro. Carly shares how her health struggles led her down the path that connected her with her spiritual gifts. As soon as she made the decision to start a spiritual business - there was no going back. 

Carly dives into the lessons she’s learned along the way, and shares valuable reminders, insight, and advice for anyone else who is wanting to start a spiritual business.

Carly is a starseed, Akashic Records reader, Chakra Reiki Master Healer, and psychic development mentor. Carly is a spiritual mentor whose mission is to support starseeds and light-workers in their unique mission for this life. Carly started her spiritual business journey in 2021 through learning reiki healing and went on to become a Chakra Reiki Master Healer. Since then, Carly went into psychic development, personal development, and many other courses, through which her business Carly Spirit was born, January 2023. It is now through her business and life that Carly is following her mission, passion and joy to spread love and light, and uplift the world.

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