Self-Paced Courses

Learn tools, tips, and strategies that will instantly upgrade your health, relationships, mood, and money, and fast-track your soul mission


You Can Have It All

Access new information that will change how you view mental health and neurological issues forever

  • New communication and coping skills based on brain science
  • Everything you need to know to prevent dementia with the world's leading Dementia Prevention Coach
  • The most powerful healing gadgets that big pharma doesn't want you know about
  • The reason why you may feel better for short bursts of time on a new protocol then spiral
  • The most comprehensive Holistic Mental Health Kit that will improve the lives of your loved ones, clients, and future generations
  • Highly engaging self-paced lessons with a loving, direct instructor. No fluff, just everything you need to know to succeed

No more drama, pain, or unanswered questions

In these courses, you will understand why previous attempts at getting the right help didn't work. These courses are packed full of all the information everyone needs to learn in school, including medical school.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Prevention

a holistic, comprehensive guide to not losing your mind

A self-paced course with the world's leading Dementia Prevention Coach. Learn why dementia prevention begins NOW and why dementia is preventable in all cases. In many cases, dementia is reversible using the protocols taught in this life-changing course.

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ADHD In Relationships Course

understand the 7 types of ADHD so you can improve your relationships and thrive in your work

Understand the 7 types of ADHD with the world's leading ADHD Coach and Brain Health Coach. By implementing these holistic strategies including brain-based communication and connection styles, you will enhance your focus, motivation, and most importantly your relationships.

ADHD patterns in the brain show that most people need calming supplements, NOT medication to alleviate their ADHD. This course will teach you how!

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Quantum Brain Health Masterclass

where the metaphysical meets neuroscience and holistic mental health

A 3+ hour immersive experience which combines the principles from quantum healing, neuroscience, and holistic mental health i.e. brain health protocols to help clients optimize their brain function and overall well-being.

By peeling back the layers of protection placed there by the subconscious mind, we unravel the truth of who you are, why you're here, and how you can make your dreams a reality.

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Understanding The Healing Power of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

FREE course!

Understand how HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, can change your life and the lives of your clients and community. HBOT is the easiest, most fun way to heal from injuries, neurological issues, and mental health disorders; or achieve a high-performance brain and body. 

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Meet Fallon

Fallon Jordan is the leading ADHD, Dementia Prevention, and Brain Health Coach in the world.¬†She is founder of Quantum Brain Health Coaching‚ĄĘ, a certification program that unites the metaphysical with neuroscience and holistic mental health i.e. brain health protocols.

Fallon has helped thousands of clients heal their brains and relationships including her own. She brings over a decade of expertise including mastering holistic healing strategies that most people have never heard of.

After an extensive battle with ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and dementia-like memory loss due to multiple concussions, trauma, and toxins, Fallon healed her brain while becoming the leading brain health coach & certified trainer in the world by age 28. Fallon has supported over 15,000+ medical and mental health clinicians in their practices and over 8,000 clients in their mental health journeys. 

Fallon is on a mission to create systematic change and generational healing when it comes to our health, relationships, wealth, and intuitive gifts. She is known by many as a metaphysician.