Activate your¬†greatest potential through energy¬†healing and dementia preventionūü߆

Ease your overwhelm, stress, and aches/pains while improving your memory with the world's leading Certified Brain Health Coach

Learn 10 easy, fun ways to boost your brain function

Meet Fallon

Fallon Jordan is a transformation coach, energy healer, podcast host, and motivational speaker. She is the lead brain health trainer in the world, making her an expert in dementia prevention given dementia starts in the brain 20 years before symptoms. Fallon has helped thousands of CEOs, founders, and other professionals optimize their potential by proudly living their soul purpose and living from a place of infinite possibility.

Fallon helps change-makers live healthier, wealthier, and deeply connected lives through her energy-healing sessions and unique toolbox of holistic modalities. She is dedicated to helping people uncover their unique path to abundance and freedom by doing what they love and focusing on their brilliance and authenticity. 

Fallon believes that by connecting to our soul purpose and innate gifts through Human Design and our own intuition and ability to trust, we can heal ourselves while living our mission of serving others from a place of joy and gratitude.

Are you ready to live your most authentic life unapologetically?

the podcast

talking to angels w/Julisa Cully
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Overwhelm is the enemy of Clarity

Fallon is here to reset your energetic frequency to 100% CLARITY 

access 30 Days of Clarity here

11 mastermind cohorts 

13,700+ happy clients

12 years of  expertise

Coaching & Consulting


Do what you LOVE and THRIVE! 


Prevent dementia at any age with the leading brain health coach & trainer in the world


Mentorship with Fallon will help you:

  • Connect with your life¬†purpose and make money living in soul resonance
  • Live without aches and pains while strengthening your physical and energetic body
  • Enjoy living authentically and¬†unapologetically¬†you while attracting aligned people and opportunities¬†
  • Operate with a high-performance brain¬†and prevent dementia
  • Reverse your brain and body's age by up to 20 years
  • Optimize¬†your communication skills to boost connection and¬†compassion
  • Avoid wasted time and feelings of "I should", "But I have to,"¬†and other guilt statements
  • Feel confident AF about your decisions, values, and the gifts you bring to the world
  • Live with noticeably better focus, energy, mood, and memory in everyday life

Your unique magic is needed¬†today more than everūüíę

If you're ready to experience rapid transformation in your health, relationships and biz, join the 30 Days to Clarity 1:1 mentorship program 

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5 things about¬†memory loss your doctor isn't telling youūü߆

Memory loss and dementia are ALWAYS preventable. For many, dementia is reversible. Click below to learn more

5 things about memory loss

1:1 Offerings

Quickie Healing Session


Receive energy healing for physical or emotional pains

  • 45-minute LIVE energy healing session including intuitive reading
  • Experience relief from physical pain or other bothersome health ailments
  • Receive energetic activations for clarity, love, and better finances from your angels and guides
  • Remove stagnant energy or low-vibe entities from your field
  • Available¬†for readings at parties, retreats, or corporate gatherings¬†
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ASAP Reading & Healing


Receive immediate guidance and healing

  • Within 48 hours, receive intuitive guidance and energy healing
  • Gain clarity on 3 specific questions you need clarity with
  • energy healing and activations from the angelic realms
  • energy frequency upgrades to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • receive codes for miracles and abundance
  • clarity and tools for your next steps
  • audio message reading, photos of your Oracle card pull, and email writeup
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One Day Intensive


a VIP Day with Fallon to address your desires around health, work, wealth, soul purpose, relationships, and more!

  • 5 hours with Fallon including energy clearing¬†and a complete outline for your soul-aligned life including work, health, relationships, love, and finances

  • Experience relief from physical pain or health ailments

  • Human Design reading¬†

  • Takeaway toolbox with strategies to reprogram your subconscious mind forever so you can manifest quicker¬†

  • Upgrades to your¬†daily routine & self-care¬†practices by learning¬†practical solutions to instantly boost your energy, mood, and memory

  • Unique¬†assessments with the leading brain health trainer in the world

  • 30 days of Voxer access¬†(unlimited audio and text messages in real-time) to support your integration process (value $997)

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30 Days of Rapid Healing


30 days of rapid healing for your physical and emotional health while boosting motivation & confidence

  • Daily energy healing via Voxer,¬†a free app with text and audio messages¬†
  • 2-hour¬†Initial Experience¬†to review your Human Design and your goals for our month of healing together (via Zoom)
  • Outline your soul-aligned desires¬†for work, relationships, health, love, and finances
  • 3 additional LIVE¬†energy healing sessions of 45 minutes¬†
  • Experience relief from physical pain or health ailments
  • Receive energetic activations for clarity, love, and better finances¬†
  • Rewiring your brain for an abundance of health, wealth, love, and success every day with the world's leading Certified Brain Health Trainer
  • Dementia prevention program with the leading brain health trainer in the world (if you're over the age of 25, you need it!)
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the buzz...

"Fallon led me through the most beautiful healing container during a time when I felt completely unsettled.  I immediately felt her healing energy on our first call which brought me to a place of peace.  She makes you feel completely supported and loved in the biggest way!  She is an amazing and gifted healer!"

(past life regressionist and animal communicator)

"FALLON IS FANTASTIC! She goes above and beyond. My company and family are so grateful for her brain health and business expertise and promptness. Her guidance and leadership will continue to carry me forward to a bright future." 

(owner of Your Healthy Brain Hyperbarics & Mind and Body Hyperbaric)

"Fallon is world-class in taking an overwhelming concept and breaking it down into pieces that help you move the needle personally and professionally. She helped kick me out of my incessant need for a plan and 12-step process; all while allowing me transformative growth that otherwise couldn't have been worked harder for. She is a light in this world!!! My work in organizations is because Fallon showed up for me in a way that allowed me to step into my highest and best, to serve in a way that I never imagined! She reminded me that people need my gifts and not more processes!" 
‚ÄďDr. Sara

(corporate brain health  facilitator and speaker)

"My mentorship with Fallon was exactly what I needed. I was going through a challenging life transition and her healing sessions and coaching helped me realign back to my intuition and reconnect back to my body. I was able to move past so much fear and anxiety to a place of peace. I was able to heal and now look at issues differently thanks to her insight. Highly recommend working with Fallon!" 

(owner of Boat Bitch Apparel)

"Fallon is a breath of fresh air in the coaching space. Her approach breaks through the sometimes overwhelming energy space. She is authentic and also encourages you to lean into your truth without judgment. You know she's the real deal when she can hold space for you through big things and stay so completely grounded. She shows up in such an effervescent way because she lives her life the way she preaches it to others." 


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