Activate Your Full Potential With A High-Performance Brain and High-Vibe Energy


Are you done settling for the status quo?


The world needs you unapologetically authentic. You have a soul purpose meant to change the world.


Most people struggle to be themselves and live the way they want due to conditioning. Family, teachers, the media projecting their own insecurities.. but there is hope.

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 Founder of Quantum Brain Health Coaching™

What is Quantum Brain Health Coaching™ and how can it help me?

Quantum Brain Health Coaching™ is the future of mental health, nutrition, and life coaching certifications. Quantum Brain Health Coaching™ unites the metaphysical with neuroscience and holistic mental health protocols.

Quantum reminds us that everything is energy. When we look at the brain as an organ, the heart as the source of divine connection, and the chakra energy systems in the body, why we've been feeling unbalanced becomes clear. And gives us opportunities for miraculous healing quickly.

By healing the subconscious mind, we unravel the truth of who you are, why you're here, and how you can make your dreams a reality. No more blocks!

By healing the most important organ in your body, your brain, you can reverse your age and thrive well into your 100s free from depression, anxiety, brain fog, autoimmunity, pain, and memory loss.

Fallon uses the F.A.L.L.O.N. method to co-create the life, home, and biz of her clients' dreams.  Prior to birthing Quantum Brain Health Coaching™ , she was the world's leading Certified Brain Health Professional, Coach & Trainer for over a decade.

Dementia Prevention

Dementia starts in the brain 20 years before symptoms appear. That means you can start prevention today and never worry about losing your mind. Or, let's get your brain healthy now if your memory is already in trouble.



There are 7 types of ADHD and most people have multiple times. None of them require medications. ADHD, depression, anxiety are a common trifecta impacting millions. It stops now.


Weight Loss For Empaths

Many empaths and intuitives are told it's normal for them to have excess weight to keep them grounded. That isn't the case. This program is focused most on Reiki healing and less on nutrition. After all, if you're here you've probably tried everything already!



No matter what you've been told, there ARE ways to optimize the behavior, mood, and communication skills of your autistic loved one naturally. We're talking healing to the level of diagnosis reversal. Family Coaching with Fallon can help.


Business coaching

If you are an aligned fit, Fallon will help you build your business from scratch, rebrand your current biz, or help you grow your existing client base. SEO isn't the future of marketing. It's time to learn the truth.


Corporate Wellness

CEOs call Fallon the HR Disaster Prevention Specialist. With her unique assessments and intuitive gifts, she is able to give C-suite team members tangible insights into boosting revenue by improving employees' health and happiness.


1:1 Coaching

This is for the person who is ready to get clear on their soul purpose while improving their physical, emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual health. This is deep healing, integration, and transformation.

This is for the person who is ready to stop people pleasing by prioritizing their energy, unique gifts, and mission with healthy boundaries.

Fallon uses unique brain health assessments, Human Design, Reiki, and consistent communication to get her clients rapid transformation. This is not for the faint of heart!

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Family Coaching

Fallon has helped thousands of families heal from disconnection, confusion, and illness. Parents are healthier and happier, setting the prime example for their kids.

Fallon supports the sandwich generation-- those in their 40s and 50s caring for their aging parents-- while raising children.

Fallon's dementia prevention protocols, fail-safe home organization systems, and expertise in brain health, ADHD, autism, and Human Design give her clients newfound compassion and deep connection.

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learn 10 ways to optimize your brain from a Quantum Brain Health Coach™

A happy life begins with a healthy brain. Start living with a healthier brain today!

"Fallon led me through the most beautiful healing container during a time when I felt completely unsettled.  I immediately felt her healing energy on our first call which brought me to a place of peace.  She makes you feel completely supported and loved in the biggest way!  She is an amazing and gifted healer!"


"Fallon is fantastic! She goes above and beyond. My company and family are so grateful for her expertise. Fallon helped me heal my brain then start my own business. Now I get to help thousands of people with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Her guidance and leadership will continue to carry me forward to a bright future."


It’s Time To Live The Way You Want.  Drama free. Guilt free.

With Fallon's courses, blogs, podcasts, and programs, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your mind, body, and soul

Meet Fallon

"Authentic, passionate, energetic, loving, spirited, and ambitious", Fallon is a recovering people pleaser, codependent, and blue pill customer. The person she would most like to meet? Larry David.

Fallon has helped nearly 14,000 people feel happier through 1:1 coaching, family coaching, and corporate wellness programs all based on the brain health methodologies she teaches. She has implemented these New Earth protocols over the past decade working in holistic psychiatry and energy medicine. Fallon is founder of Quantum Brain Health Coaching™, a certification program that unites Brain Health Coaching, Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Ministry, and quantum energy healing.

Fallon was her own toughest client, knowing the pain of trying so many different things to heal from concussions, heavy metal toxicity, and PTSD while remaining stuck. Fallon always provides her clients with the safest, easiest tools and modalities to provide rapid transformation. Fallon’s coaching style is kind, direct, and educational. Your time and energy are too precious for fluff!

Her mission? To create a world where dementia, cancer, autism, and autoimmune disorders are extremely rare diagnoses by educating millions with Quantum Brain Health Coaching™.

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Immediate Healing session


Receive immediate intuitive guidance and healing for aches, pains, or stuck points with love, health, business, or money

  • Within 24 hours, receive intuitive guidance and energy healing for your current issue
  • Gain clarity on 3 specific questions you need clarity with 
  • Energy healing for aches, pains, fatigue, headaches, pins/needles, digestive issues, and more
  • Vibrational frequency upgrades to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health 
  • Receive codes for miracles and abundance
  • Resolutions for brain health issues through energy healing & practical tips
  • Audio message reading, photos of your Oracle card pull, and email write-up
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Intuitive Coaching session


a VIP coaching experience with Fallon to address your desires around health, work, wealth, soul purpose, relationships, and more!

  • 2 hours LIVE with Fallon to receive a complete outline for your soul-aligned life including work, health, relationships, love, and finances

  • Equal to months in a high-ticket coaching container at a fraction of the cost
  • Rapid transformational coaching using the fail-proof F.A.L.L.O.N. method
  • Experience relief from physical pain or health ailments 

  •  Takeaway toolbox with strategies to reprogram your subconscious mind forever so you can manifest quicker 

  • Upgrades to your daily routine & self-care practices by learning practical solutions to instantly boost your energy, mood, and memory

  • Coaching with the world's leading Quantum Brain Health Coach

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Soul Blueprint


a Human Design reading to gain clarity on your soul purpose, unique communication style, and innate gifts

  • Receive your Human Design reading within 7 days

  • Human Design is the most accurate personal development tool in the world

  • Human Design is a science that helps you discover your innate gifts and traits, based on your energy type and several other markers

  • Give yourself permission to live your happiest, most abundant life by recognizing your unique design and embodying your most authentic self!

  • Receive a digital copy of your Human Design chart

  •  Written notes for you including affirmations for your unique soul blueprint

  • An audio recording of your Human Design reading including intuitive insights (anywhere between 60-100 minutes depending on what comes through)
  • Use your Human Design reading to learn new ways to communicate, walk through the world, work and make money, and thrive in your relationships 
  • For a Human Design reading for your business, be sure to book 2 readings: one chart for you, one chart for your business
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Where should I start?

We recommend booking an Immediate Healing session or Human Design reading with Fallon. That way you can receive some clarity, healing, and energetic support before making a bigger commitment. 

Another perk: you get into her magical energy ASAP!

Fallon's clients experience rapid transformation after just one or two sessions! Then you can choose the level of integration support you need.

Want something self-paced? Check out her courses below.

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the F.A.L.L.O.N. method of transformation

Boost your brain function. Discover your deepest desires. Give yourself permission to create the life, home, and biz of your dreams.