Understanding the 7 types of ADHD in Relationships 

tools to bring clarity, connection, and intimacy to couples and families with the world's leading ADHD & Brain Health Coach

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"ADHD brings a beautiful, loving contribution to the world. But we need to understand all 7 ADHD types to access its superpowers"

-Fallon Jordan

Expert guidance

This course was designed by the leading ADHD and Brain Health Coach in the world, Fallon Jordan. Fallon has helped thousands of ADHDers heal their brains and relationships over the past decade

Easy & FUN tools

This course is the only toolbox you'll ever need if you're ready to heal your ADHD types or support your loved one in their ADHD journey

Loving relationships

Fallon dives deep into the different types of connection and communication to boost joy and intimacy by embracing the 7 ADHD types and 5 Human Design types

About your instructor

Fallon Jordan is the leading ADHD and Brain Health Coach in the world. She has helped thousands of ADHDers heal their brains and relationships including her own. She brings over a decade of expertise including mastering the 7 types of ADHD, holistic brain healing, Human Design, and decluttering/organization protocols.

After an extensive battle with ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and dementia-like memory loss due to multiple concussions, trauma, and toxins, Fallon healed her brain while becoming the leading brain health coach & certified trainer in the world by age 28. Fallon has supported over 15,000+ medical and mental health clinicians in their practices and over 8,000 clients in their mental health journeys. 

Fallon is on a mission to create systematic change and generational healing when it comes to our health, relationships, wealth, and intuitive gifts. She is known by many as a metaphysician.

For fun, Fallon LOVES spreading love and light everywhere she goes, sunbathing, swimming, painting, playing, reading, comedy, and being around nature and animals as much as possible.

this course will help you get focused and motivated in ways you've never heard of

Activate your superpowers and strengthen your relationships

heal your struggles with focus & communication while leaving a legacy for future generations

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you deserve to have the JOY you've always wanted

whether your struggles with attention are hindering your marriage, family, work life, friendships, or spirituality, this course can help

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