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The Most Common Type of ADHD You've Never Heard Of

Mar 18, 2024

Did you know there are 7 types of ADHD? 

That's right. If you're just now hearing this, take a breath. As the leading Brain Health Coach and ADHD Coach in the world, I've seen over 8,000 brain scans of ADHDers who were prescribed 4+ different medications for the condition. I've seen ADHD brain scans of patients ages 4 through 80.

What I've learned? Most ADHDers have multiple of the 7 types. The most common type of ADHD is called Ring of Fire ADHD, which means that the brain is overactive in most areas of the brain. This was discovered after seeing 200,000+ brain SPECT scans.

It's called Ring of Fire ADHD for a reason... the brain is HOT. As you can imagine, taking a stimulant-- a medication meant to stimulate the brain-- only makes an already-stimulated brain overstimulated. This can result in side effects like explosive anger, obsessive compulsions, tics or Tourette's, dark thoughts, manipulative and drama-seeking behaviors, and severe sensory issues.

Most Ring of Fire ADHDers have had it their whole life and tried several medications from all the different classes (stimulants, non-stimulants, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, mood stabilizers, etc.) without relief. It's heartbreaking!

I understand Ring of Fire ADHD well. After all, I lived with it most of my life. Through supplements, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, brain-focused nutrition, and working with functional medicine and a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, I was able to cool down my super hot brain so only my superpowers remain.

Here are a few other tips for Ring of Fire ADHDers:

  • do an elimination diet. I've seen patients who felt AMAZING after realizing they were sensitive to gluten, dairy, corn, or soy. Everyone is sensitive to sugar. It's addicting AF. More addictive than cocaine!
  • once you know what you're sensitive to, focus on a diet with healthy carbs, fats, and low protein. Too much protein makes Ring of Fire ADHD worse
  • eat every two hours to stabilize blood sugar
  • treat morning exercise as an Rx. Get a mini trampoline, do jumping jacks.. anything you can to get your energy out before you start your day 

To learn more about the 7 ADHD types and all the risk factors and holistic treatment options, register for my ADHD in Relationships course


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