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The Truth About Alzheimer's Disease

Jan 14, 2024

I get asked often, "is Alzheimer's Disease genetic?" And while technically it is, let me explain. After all, I've seen hundreds of patients recover from all stages and forms of dementias (Alzheimer's is just one type) even if they didn't have the "good genes."

Everyone has an APOE gene. You have two variants named "1", "2", "3", and "4" which make up several combinations. I myself am a 2/3. 

"4" is the "bad one." Those with a "4" variant of the APOE gene have a higher chance of developing Alzheimer's Disease because of how their cells communicate. Those with a 4/4 have the highest chance of developing Alzheimer's Disease.


I have had several clients with a 4/4 who had beautiful lives and after treatment, had healthy brains and cognitive scores. This is because they were committed to their health at all costs. 

I've also worked with several clients who had 1/3 or 2/2 combinations of the gene (i.e. low risk) and their brains and cognitive scores were not in good shape. They were living stressful lives, many of them having little to no boundaries in their life. This is why I will always focus on the quality of our relationships being the foremost important aspect of our health and happiness. 

There are SO many other reasons why Alzheimer's can happen: 

  • consuming too much "white stuff" - white bread, white sugar, white pasta, cow's milk, fake cheese
  • untreated ADHD 
  • lead, aluminum, or mercury toxicity
  • depression and anxiety
  • toxic mold exposure
  • chronic feelings of loneliness
  • low progesterone 
  • low testosterone
  • thyroid disorders
  • obesity
  • Lyme Disease

The list goes on and on. My point is, Alzheimer's is preventable and treatable no matter what your genes say. 

I highly recommend this online course to learn more: 

Memory Rescue Course

I also recommend this inspirational book based on the personal journals of patients being treated for Alzheimer's Disease using the Dr. Dale Bredesen protocol:

First Survivor's of Alzheimer's

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