Using Energy Work To Receive More

Feb 08, 2024

Whether you are a therapist, coach, SAHM, virtual assistant, or bartender, you ARE a healer because you're on Earth at this time. No one volunteered to come here unless they were committing to healing in some capacity. And when you choose to heal, you vibrational spread that healing to everyone around you!

Some believe our energy radiates out 2 feet from our physical body. Others believe our energy radiates up to 15 feet! 

One of the most important lessons for those of us committing to healing is understanding energy and generosity. Through my own experiences and thousands of my clients, I know the immense healing power of trauma therapy, supplements, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and coaching. But that's not enough. Energy work is essential!

Be sure to make time for the activities and people who lift your energy. By lifting your energy, you lift your revenue and opportunities for miracles. This is why many entrepreneurs sell more while they're on vacation or while they're getting a massage!

If you are overwhelmed, you're telling the universe you can't handle more. So you won't receive more. The universe wants you to receive more so you can give more. 

I love this guideline explaining the healthy balance of Giving and Receiving.

for one week....

the number of days you serve others needs to be equal to the number of hours you receive healing.


If you work with clients and/or take care of your kids 5 days a week, that means you require receiving 5 hours of healing that week to be balanced.

And receiving means it's all about YOU JUST RECEIVING. Massage, getting your hair or nails done, being served at a restaurant, etc. 

Going for a walk by yourself doesn't count. 

If you're ready to balance your Giving and Receiving scale and would like my support, you can view the different ways to work with me here:

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