Employee Wellness Programs Not Getting Results? 


Less than 10% of employees actively engage in corporate health programs.

Accountability is everything. But first you need to know what really motivates your staff

You and your company deserve better!

Happier Employees, More Revenue

Without long, drawn out processes

Let's do this by...

  • Implementing holistic mental health strategies with the world's leading Certified Brain Health Trainer¬†
  • Individual values-based assessments to help employees feel naturally motivated and connected to their work
  • Reframing your relationship with time, money, and urgency in business
  • Clinically proven methodologies to improve employee performance by boosting their happiness
  • Fast and easy tools and strategies to immediately alleviate stress or anxiety¬†
  • Soul purpose coaching including business coaching and Human Design readings

More Money and Less Stress Starts Now

All The Tools You Need To Boost Revenue

If you are here, you are a New Earth leader. That means stepping out of the traditional corporate structure and integrating employee wellness programs that have been proven to work.

7 Costly Mistakes CEOs Make

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Create a work culture where your employees understand themselves and their values which leads to massive revenue growth

The New Paradigm of Employee Wellness

Biological Work Hours

Humans have innate peak performance times. It is insane to put all staff on the same Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00 schedule. It's costing you thousand if not more. This is why:

  • Men operate on 24 hours cycles which makes them dependable and predictable. Men typically perform well with daily routine and regimented structure.
  • Women operate on 4 different women throughout the month. There are weeks when they are able to produce faster results and weeks when they are meant to download brilliant ideas that could make you millions.
  • There are naturally early risers, middies, and night owls. It is vital to have your employees working on specific tasks and projects during their innate peak performance windows.

Why Myers-Briggs Doesn't Help

Human Design, Strength Finders, Working Genius, and Brain Health Evaluations are assessments that provide instant clarity, precision, and targeted execution plans based on the individual and team strengths.

  • Human design is a system based on your birth chart that gives you a detailed blueprint of how you are uniquely designed to make
    decisions, contribute, and grow. Human Design is a fast-track to
    understanding your God-given talents.
  • Strength Finders and Working Genius are additional assessments that reflect individuals' innate talents and strengths specifically in the workplace.
  • The Total Brain Assessment offers clinically-validated, mental health assessments that measure focus, working memory, mood, and long-term retention. Think an early dementia indicator test.

Mental Health

Mental health issues are costing you money and heartache. If mental health is really brain health and your employees can be taught exactly how to optimize their brain function, why wouldn't you make that happen ASAP?

We help companies improve their mental health by:

  • Facilitation with the world's leading Brain Health Trainer, helping over 15,000 people thrive. By understanding the brain is the organ of happiness and how to boost its function holistically, everything changes.
  • Teaching dementia prevention protocols so the sandwich generation is equipped for whatever life throws at them.
  • Empowering employees through genuine connection, new communication skills, and FUN! We need to take the seriousness and woke culture out of corporate.

Your employees will be motivated and committed to their wellness because they understand they're taking care of their brain, just like they would take care of their heart health.

Real Results

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It's time to roll out employee wellness and performance plans based on Human Design, Brain Health, and Coaching support with a world leader. Here are ways you WIN by working with us:

  • Drastically higher employee wellness participation which leads to less sick days, happier employees, and MORE REVENUE!
  • You will take assessments in the initial evaluation process and then continuously retake the assessments to track progress.
  • By being a New Earth leader in corporate, you can rest assured that you and your business are well prepared for any crashes in the market because your customers and clients are deeply committed to you.

Companies who implement Human Design, Brain Health, and Authentic, Genuine Connection into their businesses are the ones who are going to thrive. YOU are the pristine example for future business owners.

It's Time To Implement a Leadership Training Model That Involves The Brain

Get on the fast track with your business by helping your employees feel healthier and happier

Soon, You Will Be…

  • The leader and company everyone wants to work for because employees know you will take excellent care of them
  • Experiencing massive quantum leaps in revenue by having¬† healthier, happier, more motivated employees
  • Saving tens of thousands of dollars every year from sick days and poor work performance
  • Feeling proud to to be yourself- a leader who truly cares about their employees and puts their health first
  • Surrounded by employees who are highly motivated and committed to theirperformance because they are living in alignment with their highest values.

Why Human Design Matters In Business


Did you know only 8% of the population are meant to initiate action?

Manifestors are one of the 5 Human Design types. Manifestors make great CEOs because they get inspirational new ideas and have the ability to naturally delegate. Other fun facts about Manifestors:

  • It feels unnatural for them to work a 9-5 job
  • They are the self-motivated, powerful and very fast-paced innovators
  • They prefer to work on things alone; interruption and disruptions can be
    detrimental to their health, relationships, and work performance
  • They require a lot of exercise. A treadmill desk would be a solid investment with immediate ROI

Curious about your Human Design? You can pull your chart for free here.

Grab Your Human Design Chart

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Meet Fallon

A leadership trainer, facilitator, speaker, healer, and transformation coach. The leading corporate Certified Brain Health Trainer in the world for 12+ years.

Fallon believes the quality of our work-life balance, especially our relationships, reflects our level of joy, physical health, and mental performance.

As an executive coach & facilitator, Fallon utilizes transformative leadership development tools to have helped her clients connect to their brain's highest potential and happiness. She blends a variety of unique assessments to help CEOs and employees feel connected, purposeful and heard. She shines as a speaker and trainer, modeling a fail-safe communication style that leaves employees and their clients always getting their needs met.

Fallon has helped thousands of people feel happier through 1:1 coaching, family coaching, and corporate wellness programs all based on the brain health methodologies she teaches.

"My Trust Index has gone up from 55% to 98% in just 12 months! Fallon provided me with the tools and strategies needed to implement positive change. She gave me the courage to have difficult conversations and how to navigate employee challenges. Our most recent Trust Index Survey results are the highest in company history!"

- Erin

"FALLON IS FANTASTIC! My business would not be where it is today if it wasn't for her. She goes above and beyond. My company and family are so grateful for her expertise and promptness. Her guidance and leadership will continue to carry me forward to a bright future."

- Robby

"Fallon helped my company through some very dark times. Due to extreme stress and anxiety, my brain and body had basically shut down. I didn't know where to turn. Fallon's support, wisdom, and constant encouragement restored my hope and our profits. We are forever grateful for her!"

- William

Implement These 10 Things Today To Boost Your Brain Function

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Envision making your employees so happy that they never want to leave.

It starts with taking care of YOU.

Initial 1:1 Evaluation


An initial evaluation for you and your unique personal and professional goals. Your Human Design chart, Brain Health Evaluation, and Demartini Values Assessments results are required prior to the call.

  • 2 hours LIVE with Fallon to receive a complete outline for your soul-aligned life including work, health, relationships, love, and finances

  • Equal to months in a high-ticket coaching container at a fraction of the cost
  • Rapid transformational coaching using the fail-proof F.A.L.L.O.N. method
  • Experience relief from physical pain or health ailments¬†

  • Takeaway toolbox with strategies to reprogram your subconscious mind forever so you can manifest quicker¬†

  • Upgrades to your¬†daily routine & self-care¬†practices by learning¬†practical solutions to instantly boost your energy, mood, and memory



Human Design Reading


Human Design is the most accurate personal development tool in the world. Human Design is a science that helps you discover your innate gifts and traits using your birth chart.

  • An audio recording of your Human Design reading anywhere between 60 and 100 minutes depending

  • Receive your Human Design reading, audio note, and written notes including affirmations within 7 days of purchase
  • Use your Human Design reading to learn new ways to communicate and navigate your life and business
  • Give yourself permission to live your happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest life by recognizing your innate gifts and how they benefit the world
  • Specific affirmations based on your unique blueprint. No one else is like in the world! There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to affirmations