New Earth Leaders' Mastermind

begins 3.4.24

For the version of you who is ready to thrive as your most authentic, aligned, and magnetic self

this mastermind is for you if...

💫you want to prevent dementia and teach others how to do the same

💫you no longer resonate with most of the marketing advice out there

💫you love receiving energy healing 

💫you understand that authenticity is the highest divine key code to Abundance 

💫you are ready to meet your soul fam

💫you want to join a coaching container with the leading Brain Health Trainer and Neuroscience Coach in the world 

💫you crave friendships with "your people"

💫you want to strengthen your ability to discern and utilize healthy boundaries in your life, home, and biz

💫you are ready to lead other lightworkers into the New Earth as a true visionary

Yes! I'm in!

About your instructor

Transformation Coach & Energy Healer

Fallon Jordan is a transformation coach, intuitive guide, podcast host, and energy healer. She has helped thousands of people optimize their potential by living their soul purpose so they never have to worry about getting dementia or living a life they regret. She specializes in metaphysical healing, intuitive coaching, life & business coaching, Human Design, and holistic health coaching as the lead Brain Health Trainer in the world. 

She helps New Earth Leaders who are ready to start their spiritual biz, or rebrand and shift their focus, as well as CEOs and professionals who have been doing what they love for decades. Through her energy healing modalities, she is able to remove subconscious blocks and glass ceilings for those ready to claim their next level of joy, abundance, and biz success.

You can read Fallon's full bio here.


this immersion will transform your life, home & biz at quantum speeds through tactical tools & energetic support


The details♡

  • 1:1 onboarding call with Fallon to review your Human Design chart, receive energy healing, and explore your unique goals
  • Weekly Zoom calls every Monday at 1:00 pm ET between 3.4.24 and 6.24.24 (recordings available for a lifetime)
  • The opening ceremony on 3.4.24 will be 2 hours
  • The closing ceremony on 6.24.24 will be 2 hours
  • All other calls will be 80 minutes 
  • Energy clearing, healing, activations, and calibrations throughout the container including channeled messages for individuals
  • Learn techniques that will strengthen your magnetism for miracles and biz opportunities 
  • Fail-proof techniques to boost communication and connection in your relationships
  • Health coaching with the leading brain health trainer and functional medicine coach in the world 
  • Tactical biz strategy & tools including website & sales page insights, SEO, ads, email list, etc.   

the investment is $3,333

if you are truly committed, you WILL leave this mastermind as someone who lives in the field of infinite possibility


these 4 months will change your life

Access soul fam, lifelong friends, strategies, and energy healing that will bring you into the highest, next version of yourself with LOVE, excitement, and magnetism

some of my clients' beautiful wins...

"From the minute I entered a coaching container with Fallon, I experienced transformation which began with my physical body. I found healing in my back and spine that previous healers hadn't been able to resolve. Fallon's energy is both loving and activating. I felt so safe, seen, and loved in her program. Thanks to her insights and healing, I have been having FUN and experiencing flow while also being super productive in my coaching business."

"Co-creating with Fallon was exactly what I needed. I was going through a challenging time in my business and her healing insights helped me realign back to my intuition and reconnect with myself. I was feeling so much anxiety and fear and through Fallon’s guidance, I was able to transform how I look at my business and relationship with money."

"Fallon is a breath of fresh air in the energy space. Her approach breaks through the sometimes overwhelming space of energy work and business. She is authentic and also encourages you to lean into your truth without judgment. She held space for me through big things while staying completely grounded, showing up in such an effervescent way because she lives her life the way she preaches it to others."
-Dr. Sara

"Fallon is world-class in taking the overwhelming concepts of business strategy and breaking them down into pieces that help you move the needle- personally and professionally. Fallon showed up for me in a way that allowed me to step into my highest and best, to serve in a way that I never imagined! She reminded me that people need my gifts and not more processes."

"Fallon is an amazingly gifted healer and teacher. I feel like a new person every time we do a session together even just via text! She has helped me with my business and relationship with money in a way I never thought possible. She supported me as I came out of the spiritual closet and I am forever grateful. She has also helped me overcome physical health issues through her energy healing including resolving back pain and anxiety/panic."

 Gain clarity and receive energetic support so you can access your highest timeline

it's time for you to rise and claim your sovereignty while never sacrificing your health, relationships, or integrity

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