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Mind and Body Hyperbaric Oxygen

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the easiest, most relaxing way to improve your health. Hyperbaric oxygen has been clinically proven to help over 150 conditions while reversing your biological age by 10-20 years.


To Be Magnetic:
The Pathway Membership

The TBM (To Be Magnetic) app WILL create real change in your life after the first exercise. Workshops including How to Manifest, Unblocked Inner Child, Unblocked Shadow, and TBM challenges within the community.

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Brain Health Trainer Course

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Learn how to implement holistic mental health, i.e. brain health protocols into your coaching practice. This is meant for everyday people who want to make a difference in the mental health paradigm.

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Brain Health Professional Certification Course (50 CEs)

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This 50+ hour course is meant for mental health and medical professionals ready to change how they assess, view, and treat their patients. This course is a physician-level training that discusses how to prescribe and wean off of pharmaceuticals based on brain imaging.

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Oat Haus granola butters

The yummiest healthy dessert or smoothie addition ever. There are lots of different flavors. Sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and nut free.

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I'm Fallon Jordan

Fallon is the leading ADHD, Dementia Prevention, and Brain Health Coach in the world. She is founder of Quantum Brain Health Coaching, a certification program that unites the metaphysical with neuroscience.

Fallon has helped thousands of clients heal their brains and relationships including her own. She brings over a decade of expertise including mastering holistic healing strategies that most people have never heard of.

After an extensive battle with ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and dementia-like memory loss due to multiple concussions, trauma, and toxins, Fallon healed her brain while becoming the leading brain health coach & certified trainer in the world by age 28. Fallon has supported over 15,000+ medical and mental health clinicians in their practices and over 8,000 clients in their mental health journeys. 

Fallon is on a mission to create systematic change and generational healing when it comes to our health, relationships, wealth, and intuitive gifts. She is known by many as a metaphysician.