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#41 Optimizing Your Brain With Neurofeedback w/Angie Noack, LPC

Do you want to overcome ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, or a TBI/concussion in a holistic, easy, and FUN way? Neurofeedback expert and licensed counselor Angie Noack walks us through the healing power of neurofeedback, an at-home or in-office brain healing modality. After a devastating brain injury at age 19, neurofeedback found Angie and they've been obsessed with each other ever since. Angie is Senior VP of Biz Development at Brain Code Centers, one of the leading neurofeedback providers in the world. Angie received her Bachelor's degree from Mid-America Christian University where she studied Behavioral Science and Music Performance. She went on to earn her Master's degree from Colorado Christian University in Counseling. Angie serves as a licensed professional counselor at Braincode Centers and is currently in the process of becoming a Board Certified Professional in Neurofeedback. She combines fundamental elements from both studies the help change her clients' lives. She has clinical experience in treating dependence, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, concussion recovery, and performance anxiety. Angie is a fitness enthusiast who loves to spend time with her puppies whenever she gets the chance.

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