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#42 Are You Designed For Newness?

What if you were purposely designed for newness and shaking up past narratives? Fallon opens up this solo sode sharing tips for allowing the universe to guide you to what you need to know. If you have a 5 line in your Human Design like Fallon, you know you were meant to do things differently! Fallon has a new format for her solo sodes which is SUPER fun!

If you simply say YES, you can receive an energy clearing & activation for your third eye-- pineal gland, pituitary, and thymus. Please don't drive while receiving!

Fallon shares her coordinating card pull for today's healing session. You can see the actual cards on her IG here.

Fallon shares her non-negotiables for living an intuitively-led life where you are always open to divine guidance, magic, and manifestations coming in!

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