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#43 Healing Future Generations with Shamanism w/Janine "The White Raven"

Join Janine, The White Raven, for a cosmic healing party in which she shares why and how shamanism can heal past and future generations. We talked about the spiritual significance of spiders, dragons, and unschooling our kids through conscious connection.  Janine also shares some biz tips that could change the way you market yourself.

The White Raven's energy is FUN and magnetic. Fallon always laughs SO much in her energy as The White Raven's energy is all about play, authentic connection, and wonder.

Meet Janine, The White Raven, a captivating soul whose transformative journey unfolded in 2021. At that time, she felt adrift, like a balloon floating purposelessly in the vast expanse of the world. She recently got spider bites all over her ankles, which she thought was interesting. Looking for help, she turned to her journal, seeking guidance “I need help”. Miraculously, an email arrived the next morning, inviting her to a spiritual retreat that altered the course of her life. The retreat became a gateway to a year-long healing school where Janine discovered her innate healing abilities. Embracing her newfound purpose, she integrated the skills acquired and went on a journey that unveiled her true calling. Serendipity struck again when spider bites returned, leading her to a transformative summit and a mentor who would guide her to greater heights. Under her mentor's guidance, Janine flourished as a healer, defining her gifts and experiencing the profound joy of healing others by first healing herself. As a practitioner, Janine specializes in unconventional techniques designed to address the concealed layers of trauma within the body and spirit. Her unique approach involves delving into the depths of one's being to unlock inner power, facilitating a journey of healing and transformation. With an understanding of the pain points carried by individuals who have faced chaos and turmoil, Janine is committed to guiding them toward relief and resolution, allowing the reclamation of joy, vitality, and authenticity. Within every individual lies a secret desire for profound healing and transformation, a yearning that Janine believes is attainable. Through her energy work, she helps clients tap into their inner wellspring of strength, resilience, and wisdom. Together, they unveil the power within, enabling the management of life's challenges with grace and making decisions rooted in clarity and intuition. Janine provides a safe and nurturing space where clients can share their journeys and release the weight that holds them back. Her holistic approach integrates ancient wisdom, energy healing, and modern trauma understandings, creating a powerful catalyst for personal growth and well-being. Acknowledging that pain points and secret desires are at the heart of her work, Janine sees, hears, and understands the depth of longing for inner peace, clarity, and an authentic connection to purpose. It is her greatest honor to guide others toward the realization of these desires, unveiling the brilliance within each individual. For those feeling called to explore a path of healing and transformation, Janine invites them to reach out. Together, they can go on a journey that brings the peace, mental clarity, and soulful calmness sought. If you resonate with growth, healing, and change, Janine might be the perfect fit for you. If you feel the pull toward transformative exploration, she welcomes you to join her on this empowering journey. In addition to her transformative work, Janine shares some fun facts about herself. She is an unschooling mom of four, residing on a farm with cows, dogs, cats, and more to come. Her love for laughter is evident, and she enjoys playing card games with family. Janine's affinity for fairies and spirit animals adds a touch of whimsy to her multifaceted personality.

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