Are You ADHD or a Manifesting Generator in Human Design?

Jan 27, 2024

As the leading brain health trainer and ADHD coach in the world, I have helped thousands of people of all ages understand what it means to have "treatable" mental health or neurological issues versus honoring their unique gifts. One of the common misconceptions I've seen is ADHD developing from untreated PTSD, TBI/concussions, as well as toxins and hormonal imbalances. Another misconception, me being Patient A, is having ADHD symptoms but also being a Manifesting Generator (MG) type in Human Design.

Don't get me wrong. I am fortunate to have had 5 Brain SPECT scans that determined I have ADHD and multiple psychiatrists diagnosed me with lifelong ADHD. However, after repairing and nourishing my brain for many years, some symptoms still persisted. It was then that the universe introduced me to Human Design and the rest is history.

Here are common characteristics of a Manifesting Generator (MG). 

  • MGs take efficient shortcuts to get faster results. They can quickly point out what's wrong in a process. In school or work, they have difficulty explaining their work and showing the steps they took. They finish things before their peers then get bored and sometimes in trouble for being fidgety.
    • MGs get frustrated when others don't understand them, despite MGs being very talkative and expressive. They are often a step or two ahead in conversations which can be confusing to whom they're talking to. MGs are VERY passionate extroverts.
  • MGs have trouble sticking to one hobby or job. They have many interests and tend to go all into new ideas and topics. They can't stand monotonous tasks or doing the same things every day.
  • MGs may disappear for a few days when they're knee-deep in a new project. They easily get hyperfocused. 
  • MGs have a lot of energy. Morning exercise is crucial for them to thrive in their day.
  • MGs are FAST. They move fast, talk fast, make fast decisions, and have difficulty waiting for things they want. It's like they're constantly slamming on the gas pedal but then after a while, they hit the brakes and need to crash, rest, and recalibrate.
  • MGs are master multi-taskers. They function best when they have a lot of things going on and they don't need to finish everything. MGs quit when they're no longer in resonance with something.

You can learn more about ADHD and Human Design in my 7-hour ADHD in Relationships course

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