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#40 Making Your Own Rules in Life & Biz

In this solo sode, Fallon shares her insights about creating freedom in your life through authenticity and listening to your intuition. This includes how long you leave your Christmas tree up, reframing grocery shopping, and why decluttering matters for manifestation. Everyone will have opinions about what you do or don't do in your life or biz.. why not do what feels GOOD for you? 

Fallon dives into why using your Human Design chart in your sales and marketing is key to biz success. For Fallon personally, this is directly correlated to her commitment to frequent solo sodes here on the podcast. As a 2/5 Manifesting Generator in Human Design, THIS is what lights her up! Remember: your Incarnation Cross in Human Design is 70% of your chart.

This episode's card pull:

SHARE YOUR VOICE, Rebecca Campbell's Work Your Light deck

INTEGRATE TRUTH Tracy L Clark's Body Regeneration deck

INCREASE AWARENESS Tracy L Clark's Body Regeneration deck

Tracy L Clark's cards:

pull your Human Design chart from Erin Claire Jones:

pull your Human Design chart from Jenna Zoe:

pull your Human Design chart from Karen Curry Parker:

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