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What you'll get:

  • 6 hours 1:1 with Fallon on Zoom including energy clearing, healing, and activations to support you in clarity and divine connection in everyday life (value $1997)

  • Human Design reading (value $444)

  • Gene Keys reading (value $333)

  • Takeaway tools and strategies to reprogram your subconscious mind forever so you can manifest quicker (value $497)

  • Upgrades to your daily routine & self-care practices by learning practical solutions to instantly boost your energy, mood, and memory (value $197)

  • A unique assessment with the leading brain health trainer in the world (value $697)

  • 30 days of Voxer access (unlimited audio and text messages in real-time) after your session to support your integration process (value $997)

No more excuses about not having enough time, money, or loving connections in your life

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Gain clarity so you can manifest your dreams into reality

Obtain a clear plan to obtaining your goals that prioritize your soul alignment and never sacrifice your health, time, or values

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