Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing disorder in the brain common in ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning issues. It is NOT an eye sight problem

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Fallon Jordan is a transformation coach, energy healer, and certified Irlen Syndrome screener. She has been the leading brain health trainer in the world for over a decade. It is her expertise in ADHD, the brain, and her own life-changing experience with Irlen Syndrome treatment that led to her getting certified as an Irlen Syndrome screener. Fallon has helped hundreds of adults and children enjoy reading, and improved focus, retention, and long-term memory.

Fallon offers coaching, speaking, and mentorship for individuals, families, and companies who are an aligned fit. Fallon incorporates energy healing, Human Design, brain health, and Love and Logic Parenting & Teaching curriculum into her services.

Irlen Syndrome is when the brain has trouble communicating and processing visual information sent by the eyes

The eyes transmit 70% of the info a person receives which is why reading, writing, and focusing in brightly lit environments is so stressful

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 Reduce fatigue and eye strain when focusing, reading, or doing tasks on the computer

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happy, confident clients...

"My son saw several specialists for his ADHD, dyslexia, and learning disabilities without much improvement.  During the Irlen Syndrome screening, he was able to read confidently for the first time! Everything has changed for him academically since using his colored overlays. We are so grateful!"

"School was hard for me before I found out I had Irlen Syndrome and was able to use the overlays. Not only can I remember what I've read or learned in lectures, but I'm less anxious about school which has helped my confidence." 

"As a retired teacher, I had tried everything to help my grandson read. Tutoring, special schools, visual therapy, you name it. It's amazing how one piece of colored paper has helped him so much! We now enjoy reading together which has been wonderful."

 Read printed books or on Kindle confidently 

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