Fallon Jordan 

Energy Healer & Dementia Prevention Coach

Fallon is a transformation coach, intuitive guide, podcast host, and healer. She helps people optimize their potential by living their soul purpose so they never have to worry about getting dementia. She specializes in metaphysical healing, intuitive coaching, life & business coaching, Human Design, Gene Keys, and dementia prevention at any age.

Fallon birthed her coaching biz in 2021. She has blended her innate healing abilities with her love for brain health, dementia prevention, spiritual & personal development, birthing businesses, and helping families heal from the inside out. She is known by many as a metaphysical physician.

After an extensive battle with ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and dementia-like memory loss due to multiple concussions, trauma, and toxins, Fallon healed her brain while becoming the leading brain health trainer in the world by age 28. Fallon has supported over 15,000+ medical and mental health clinicians in their practices and over 8,000 clients in their mental health journeys. She has helped every type of person heal from an ADHD kindergartener to an 8-figure CEO with high blood pressure, to a 90-year-old with Alzheimer's disease. She believes healing is possible for everyone if they simply say "YES!"

Fallon has helped countless entrepreneurs turn their passions & hobbies into 7 and 8-figure businesses that contribute to humanity. Fallon works with clients 1:1 as well as small groups and corporations.

Traditional Stats:
Bachelor's in Psychology
Brain Health Super Coach
Executive Coach
Corporate Health Coach
Nutrition Coach
Usui Holy Fire Reiki practitioner
Licensed Brain Health Trainer
Irlen Syndrome screener
Ordained Minister

Soul Stats: 
2/5 Manifesting Generator in Human Design
Virgo Sun/Leo Moon/Scorpio Rising
Gene Keys 22, 47, 26, 45
Life Path 7

For fun, Fallon LOVES spreading love and light everywhere she goes, sunbathing, swimming, painting, playing, reading, comedy, and being around nature and animals as much as possible.

Email: [email protected]

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