Fallon Jordan 

High-performance coach and Magical Marketing Strategist

Fallon is a transformation coach, intuitive guide, and healer. She is host of The Biz Alchemist podcast and founder of The Biz Alchemist consulting firm. She has worked with thousands of CEOs, founders, and professionals looking to optimize their potential by living their soul purpose. She helps passionate individuals birth the biz of their dreams while confidently navigating sales and marketing of their services and products.

After battling with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and memory loss due to multiple concussions and toxins, Fallon healed her brain while becoming the leading brain health trainer in the world. After 10 years of teaching and coaching brain health protocols to 15,000 professionals worldwide, Fallon knew something was missing. It was time for her to step into her full energetic alignment and authenticity and start her own biz consulting firm. As The Biz Alchemist, Fallon is able to fully access her magical marketing skills and continue to master the energetics of biz and money for those she serves.

Fallon has helped hundreds of kind, generous entrepreneurs turn their passions & hobbies into 7-figure businesses that are contributing to humanity and the New Earth in miraculous ways. Fallon works with clients 1:1 as well as companies. 

Fallon has earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and is a certified Irlen Syndrome screener, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level II practitioner, Brain Health Coach & Licensed Corporate Trainer, and Functional Medicine Coach. 

2/5 Manifesting Generator
Virgo Sun/Leo Moon/Scorpio Rising
Gene Keys 47, 22, 45, 26
Life Path 7

For fun, Fallon LOVES sunbathing, swimming, reading, comedy, and being around nature and animals as much as possible.